I am Originally from the beautiful British Lake District, I moved from a village where there was only 13 houses and I made the bold move to the vibrant streets of New York City when I turned 18. On my very first night,in Manhattan I was whisked away to the legendary Palladium Night Club, where I had the incredible opportunity to spend the entire evening with the one and only Liberace. It was then that I realized the streets of this city were truly paved in gold.

My Jewelry journey started 24 years ago, when I discovered my mentor, Fred de Vos, a master wax carver, then my artistic journey took flight. I have never looked back. When people ask me why I still have a teacher, I simply reply, "I have a Picasso in my presence so why would I ever stop?"

Museums hold a special place in my heart, as a single painting can ignite enough inspiration to create an entire collection. The Frick Museum is one of my absolute favorites, along with the captivating streets of New York City itself. Nature also plays a significant role in my creative process, as my studio is nestled in 4 acres upstate NY surrounding myself with beauty, constantly inspiring me to push the boundaries of my art.

In 2014, I experienced the heartbreaking loss of my dear mum, which led me to create my most cherished collection, the Holding Mourning Collection those who have lost a beloved person or pet will find The peace and connection it brings are truly profound.

I take great joy in breathing new life into family heirlooms or transforming pieces that no longer suit your style. By doing so, I ensure that you can continue to cherish and enjoy them for years to come.